LeafFilter is a hit with American homeowners, and it’s available from coast to coast! This proven solution keeps EVERYTHING but water out of your gutters, protecting your home and foundation while adding value and curb appeal. Plus, it installs in one day or less! Engineered, manufactured, and assembled right here in the USA, it’s no wonder homeowners are parting ways with gutter cleanings and opting for the best gutter guard on the market instead. LeafFilter’s award-winning and patented technology is scientifically designed to install directly on gutters and draw water into them. Plus, every piece of debris will be kept out of your gutters… even pine needles, nest-building insects, and maple spinners! Backed by a lifetime warranty, this awesome American product will help you end gutter cleaning once and for all. Check it out:

#1 Rated Gutter Guard in North America

Does this look like YOUR gutters?

Clogged and mucky

Housing a pest or two

Overflowing and leaking

In need of repair

Growing plants

Difficult to maintain

You will be surprised at how affordable LeafFilter can be!

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Check Out Some Customer Reviews

Shellae W.

Excellent customer service along with being patient with any questioned asked! I love my LeafFilters, and the fact there will not be anymore gutter cleaning! They take their time to provide efficient installation. Thank you for the Lifetime Warranty!

We are happy to never have to worry about cleaning out our gutters in the fall. We live in an area with large trees and every year in the fall it is a big mess. Now we have one thing less to worry about when it comes to fall clean-up. We are happy we made the leap to upgrade our gutters with LeafFilter.
Zach L.
I’m incredibly impressed with this product. Every time it rains we used to get water in our basement because of the poor shape of our current gutters and with being a two-story house cleaning them out was difficult. The first time it rained since getting the new system installed all of the areas where water would build up were completely clear. System works great and no worries of any sort of clogging!
Patricia K.
LeafFilter gave a great price that we could afford. Got them on just in time for all that heavy rain, plus the young men did a great job of installing and cleaning out my already full gutters. Very satisfied that this is one thing that doesn’t have to be worried about ever AGAIN!
John W.
I get up on the ladder once a year to put up Christmas lights and this allows me to get a good look at the product. The LeafFilter looks just like they did the day they were installed. I have seen many gutter protection products and this by far, in my opinion, is the best.
Rusty C.
It has been a miserable chore CLEANING the stinking gutters 3 times a year: Spring, Fall, and Winter! Wish I had a dollar for every time I scared myself almost falling off our roof! LeafFilter looks beautiful and the waterfall in front of my door is finally gone.
Donald N.
Before I had them I was always on a ladder cleaning leaves sticks nuts out of the gutters. Now I have time to do other things around the farm.
Dennis G.
Much to my pleasant surprise, I was very pleased with the price quoted. The LeafFilter system was installed a few days later!
As an American business, we love vets! From military veterans in our own company to the many military members in our own communities, we wanted to say thank you for the bottom of our hearts. If you are active or retired military, we’ll instantly discount your purchase by an extra 10%! Just let us know during your free estimate and we’ll factor in this extra discount.

No More Clogged Gutters.

It’s really that simple! The patented micromesh screen only lets water into your gutters. No debris means no clogs, and we back it with a lifetime warranty and no-clog guarantee.

Eliminate Gutter Cleaning & Increase Home Value

Eliminating gutter cleaning is an attractive reality not just for you… future homeowners will love it, too! LeafFilter’s warranty is transferrable and is valid for the life of the home.

Installs In One Day Or LESS!

We want to keep you off of the ladder for good, so our team of experts will clean and repair your gutters before installing your new gutter protection.

Plus, YOU Get Permanent Peace Of Mind.

Have your gutters looked like this in the past? After our team is done, you won’t ever have to worry about your gutters again. That’s the LeafFilter promise!

You will be surprised at how affordable LeafFilter can be!

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